Lush to Arm Guard and US Based Troops Picks Up Local Steam

The call to arm Missouri and Kansas National Guard troops and American military in general, is picking up steam.

Monday, a Kansas Senator and two area members of Congress joined the call.

Kansas 3rd District Congressman Kevin Yoder was first to call for more protection last week. His call came after the deadly shooting of five Marines in Tenn.

“This has been a wake-up call for many of us to say this kind of tragedy could happen–could happen again,” Yoder said in an interview with KMBC TV.

Today Yoder was joined by House colleague, Rep. Lynn Jenkins. She also supports a bill from Rep. Duncan Hunter permitting troops to carry weapons on base.

That is something that has not been permitted at military installations for decades.
Kansas Senator Jerry Moran says he will introduce a measure very similar to the Duncan measure Yoder and Jenkins support.

‘These brave individuals must be empowered to defend themselves,” Moran said.

Western Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartlzer’s office announced Monday she supports language in a defense bill that would permit base commanders to decided whether or not troops on a base could carry weapons.

Six governors have changed their guard procedures permitting firearms since the shootings last week..

A spokeswoman for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s office says the Guard’s Adjutant General is looking into the matter.

Two Missouri politicians, GOP gubernatorial candidate John Brunner and Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Will Kraus want Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to permit Guard members who have concealed carry permits in their civilians lives, to be able to have their weapons with them during training.

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