Most of Candidate Greiten’s Money from Outstate

(AP) – Out-of-state donors have provided the bulk of former Navy SEAL officer Eric Greitens’ funding so far this year in his campaign for Missouri governor.
An Associated Press analysis of 2015 itemized campaign contribution reports shows out-of-state contributors gave about 58 percent of the roughly $1.27 million Greitens has raised. That dollar total is also more than any other GOP candidate.
No other candidate has come close to bringing in as much from out of state.
Greitens says it shows national support for his work outside politics, including on a nonprofit that helps veterans and his time in the military.
Retired St. Louis University political science professor Steven Puro says the out-of-state funding could be used against him during his campaign. But Puro says Greitens still drew substantial donations from Missourians.

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