Brownback Adminstration Announces $63 Million in Budget Moves

Kansas Budget Director Shawn Sullivan says the Adminstration tried to minimize cuts to services in the nearly $63 million in budget cuts announced today. Sullivan, not Governor Sam Brownback made the announcement.
Nite back was in Wichita. His offices he’ll not be available for comment until the week of August 10.
“There are a couple of things you could call pure cuts or reductions,” said Sullivan. “We’re trying to Minimize the impact on s services.
The state Child Health Insurance Partnership ( S- CHIPS) took the biggest cut, $17.6 million.
The program helps provide health coverage for children from families who earn to much for Medicaid, but not enough for private insurance. Sullivan says they could scoped to
Make they’ve because the state got more federal money for the program.
The Administration and lawmakers agreed at the end of the record-breaking legislative session that the legislator’s tax increases the Governor approved would be accompanied by more cuts later. That is what took place today.
More details:–7-30-2015.pdf

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