Conservative Groups Files Protest Against McCaskill in 2014 Primary Claim

KC Star:A conservative group has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over Sen. Claire McCaskill’s decision to allow her pollster to talk with Republican candidate Todd Akin’s campaign in 2012.
The group — the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust — says the pollster’s conversation with the Akin campaign may have broken campaign laws. 
“By providing polling data and information, Senator McCaskill made an in-kind donation to a candidate that appears to be in violation of federal law,” the complaint says. 
The complaint comes from a claim McCaskill made in her new book, “Plenty Ladylike.” In the book, the senator recounts her outreach to Akin before the 2012 GOP primary in Missouri. McCaskill says she was convinced Akin would be the easiest candidate to defeat that fall and she wanted to help him win the nomination.
She authorized her pollster to talk with Akin’s campaign, the book says.
McCaskill has said no polling data was shared with the Akin campaign. On Thursday, she said allegations that she improperly aided Akin were “silly.”

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