Politico: McCaskill Says Missouri Intern Dress Vode Idea is Blamining The Victims


Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is not happy about reports that lawmakers in her state considered instituting a dress code for interns after a summer of sexual assault allegations.

“Such a recommendation reeks of a desire to avoid holding fully accountable those who would prey upon young women and men seeking to begin honorable careers in public service,” McCaskill said in letters to state Reps. Bill Kidd and Nick King. According to McCaskill’s office they were the two who recommended the dress code.

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“Is your recommendation meant to suggest that the ability of adult men and women who have been elected to govern the state of Missouri to control themselves is contingent on the attire of the teenagers and young adults working in their offices? Is your recommendation meant to suggest that if an intern wears suggestive clothing, she or he will share partial responsibility for any potential sexual harassment or assault?” McCaskill asked.

The discussion came about after recommendations to review intern policy were released Monday evening by a task force. The task force itself was a response to two resignations since May. 

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/claire-mccaskill-intern-dress-code-blames-the-victims-121503.html#ixzz3jDRdtZhF

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