Challenger to Kansas Vote Audit Not Optomistic

(AP) – A Kansas mathematician who is suing county and state officials for the right to audit the 2014 election results says she’s not optimistic she’ll win her case.

Beth Clarkson is a Wichita State University mathematician who says her calculations from the November election showed suspect patterns. The Wichita Eagle ( reports she is suing Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and the Sedgwick County election commissioner for access to the ballots.

Kobach says two state statutes prevent the county from releasing ballots for Clarkson to audit.

Clarkson filed an unsuccessful suit in 2012 and told supporters in an Aug. 19 newsletter that several lawyers have told her she would lose this case, too.

She says that despite her doubts about her lawsuit’s chances, she remains committed to pursuing the audit.

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