$15/ Minimum Wage Dumped from KC Ballot

A Jackson County, Missouri judge has removed a minimum wage question from the Kansas City ballot for November.

Judge Justine Del Muro says Missouri law is clear, only the state, not individual cities, can set wage law in the state.

Booster of a plan to raise the Kansas City minimum wage to $15/hour had enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

But after a Tuesday morning hearing, the final day to determine what issues can be on the November ballot, judge Del Muro pulled the question off the ballot, citing state law.

Earlier this month Missouri lawmakers overrode a veto by Governor Jay Nixon of a bill limiting the powers of city. That bill also restricted wage law authority to the state.

The head of the Kansas City chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership conference, Vernon Howard, says he and other plaintiffs may continue to challenge the law in court, even though the issue is not on the ballot.

The city of Kansas City, Missouri passed its own phased-in increased of the minimum wage to $13/hour.

The city appears to be preparing to pull back from that measure in light of the veto override and Tuesday court ruling.

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