Koster Seeks Contempt Order Against Walgreens

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster in Kansas City Tuesday.

Missouri Attorney general Chris Koster is after the Walgreen drug store chain again.

Koster says Walgreen is breaking its deal with his office to end some pricing practices Koster’s office believes is deceptive.

In 2014, Koster and Walgreen entered into a settlement. Walgreen would stop charging full price on some items that were advertised as being on sale.

It also promised it would immediately remove sale price tags when the specific sale was over.

Tuesday, Koster showed reporters some Walgreen price tag dating back to the spring of 2013, yet investigators had time stamp photos showing the expired tag were still on the shelf.

Koster says investigators found more than 1,300 such tags during a sweep through some Missouri Walgreen stores this summer.

Koster says a Kansas City judge should hold the Illinois-based company in contempt for violating the 2014 settlement.

Koster also believes the company should be fined for each of the 1,306 expired price tag violations found in Walgreen stores earlier this summer.

There was no comment from Walgreen by late Tuesday afternoon.

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