Local Congressional Reactions to Papal Speech

Ks Rep. Mike Pompeo:
““Pope Francis’ words of compassion and humility today certainly touched the hearts and minds of people everywhere,” Pompeo said. “His message about the power of faith and importance of love and service to others is an incredible reminder of the spiritual principles and morals on which our great nation was founded. Pope Francis today described America as ‘a land of “dreams.” Dreams which lead to action, to participation, to commitment. … which awaken what is deepest and truest in the life of a people.’ I hope all of us, as Americans, will never lose sight of this important truth, and may we continue to always strive to pursue and uphold these values that define our way of life.”

Pompeo continued, “I feel deeply honored to have been able to share this historic moment with my friend Bishop Kemme who has so fully committed himself to his spiritual calling. I look forward to ( Wichita) Bishop (Carl) Kemme returning home to Wichita and sharing the inspirational words of His Holiness with Kansans.

Mo. Sen. Roy Blunt:
“The first ever papal address before Congress was historic, and I was happy to host so many Missourians who stopped by the office over the last couple of days and had a chance to see Pope Francis today,” said Blunt. “The Pope’s message was hopeful and his personal example inspiring. Congress should always remember that what we do here is more important than who we are.”

Mo. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer:
“Today marks an incredibly historic day as Pope Francis is the first Pope to ever address Congress. As a lifelong member of the Catholic Church, I was honored to sit in the House chamber as Pope Francis spoke about the importance of family and our shared goal of putting people first so everyone has an opportunity to get ahead. I have great faith that the Holy Father will continue to spread his message of peace and hope all over the world and he will lead our worldwide community forward as we confront new challenges in a continuously changing world.”

Mo. Rep. Sam Graves:
“I am humbled to have had the opportunity to hear the Pope speak on the House floor,” Rep. Graves said. “As a nation, we share so many of the same principles he touched on today, including the value of family, the need to protect life at every stage, and the responsibility to care for the most vulnerable among us. The Pope’s historic visit to Congress reinforces our shared goal of giving everyone the opportunity to pursue a better life.”

Ks. Rep Lynn Jenkins:
“Today’s address from Pope Francis was a historic moment for our country and it is was truly humbling to be present for his address to Congress. Pope Francis emphasized that America is a land of “dreams,” which hits home as we work to reinforce our shared goals of putting people first so that our children have every opportunity to get ahead and pursue their dreams.

“As the co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus and representing a state that is a leading producer of food for the world, I was inspired to hear the Pope’s message to fight hunger and help those in need. We need to do more, we can do more, and I’m proud to help lead the conversation to find sensible solutions to combat hunger. Pope Francis invited us all to have hope, reminded us of the “golden rule” and challenged us that we can all make a difference to help make our world a better place.”

Ks. Rep. Kevin Yoder:
“Brooke and I were honored to be a part of the first meeting of the United States Congress and the spiritual leader of America’s nearly 77 million Catholics. Pope Francis spoke to many issues for which Congress does not yet have consensus, but we can all agree with his recognition of America as a nation that defends liberty and inspires many to dream. He was received warmly and all ears were listening during this historic moment.

“As Pope Francis noted in his speech, the richness and beauty of family life was essential to the building of our nation. Now more than ever, we must keep these values in mind as we work together as a Congress to improve the quality and culture of life in America. His message is one that should inspire us all.”

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