Could Obama’s Appeal on Guns Backlash?

A well-known Kansas City firearms instructor says President Obama’s emotional news conference after the Oregon shooting could hurt the President’s call for more gun control more than it helps.

“All he’s going to do, I’m afraid, is get people upset. And people are going to do things they shouldn’t, like buying a lot more guns,” said Don Pind a firearms instructor and consultant.

Pind says he had heard a number people talk about buying more weapons in the near future, in case the federal government launches more gun control measures.

Pind compares increased control calls to the war on drugs.

It’s kind of like the war on drugs. They’ve made all kinds of laws on that, but haven’t been able to stop narcotics in this county,” he said.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Bakers says the President was speaking out of frustration during his Thursday news conference. Peters Baker thinks American share his frustration.

“Can’t we start with a discussion? Can’t we have a discussion about the reality of the harm that happens in America every day?” she said.

The prosecutor, however, disagrees with the President’s call to make gun control a single issue measure.

Peters Baker says Americans won’t be able to agree on effective gun control until it’s removed from politics.

“I think that discussion cannot be had in the halls of Jefferson City, where people want to campaign for new offices.”

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