Pompeii Fires Back at Clinton and Her ” Home Brew” Server for Benghazi Delays

Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of the House committee investigating the fatal attacks in Benghazi, is denying Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s charge the committee is “making a partisan political issue” of the deaths of four Americans.
Clilnton laid out the charge in the televison interview today and then at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.
Pompeo says the committee “has never been about politics”.
Last week, the man who may be the next House speaker, Kevin McCarthy credited the creation of the Benghazi panel by the House Republican majoirty with bringing down Clinton’s presidential poll numbers.
Pompeo denied the politics charge.
“Our work has been about transparency,” Pompeo said in a statement Monday afternoon.
He added former Secretary of State clinton complains about the length of the investigation.
Pompeo says “it is her own home-brew server and failure to turn over critical evidence that are among the prime reasons for the delay

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