Clinton Praises Dole and Calls for Political and Social Cooperation

Former President Bill Clinton at the Dole Institute Leadership Award Lecture

Lawrence-Former President Bill Clinton says the key to progressing in a divided world is sharing what united people, not focusing on what divides them.

Clinton was in Lawrence, Kansas Monday to receive the Dole Institute leadership Award.

The former president defeated former Senator Dole in the 1996 Presidential campaign. But Clinton said he and Dole worked well together on many projects before and after that campaign.

Clinton says Dole was able to see the common good in many people.

Dole was not present for the ceremony.

The former President said sharing common traits and outlooks works in politics and in life.

“And we know when people practice inclusiveness and cooperation, good things are going to happen.”

He added that terrorists groups like the one that attacked Paris are able to recruit young suicide bombers because they only show them what divides the recruits from the rest of humanity.

“They have been swayed in another direction. One that allows them to believe there is glory in pre-mature death.”

Clinton, however, remains very optimistic.

At one point he told the several hundred people at the lied center in Lawrence he would trade his presidency for the opportunity to see more of the 21st Century.

“Because I think there is a good chance this will be the most peaceful, prosperous time in human history,” he said, “a time of breathtaking scientific advances, in which all the bad things we’re worried about will probably not be quite as bad as we feared, and the good things we hoped for will probably be more than we dreamed.

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