Missouri Lawmakers Look at Refugee Threat

Missouri lawmakers at Syrian refugee hearing ( Missourinet webcast)

(AP) – Missouri lawmakers are seeking information on how $4.3 million in federal funding will be used to help refugees resettle in the state.
A Republican-led budget committee on Monday reviewed how the federal money is used for housing, medical care and cash assistance.
State lawmakers have little control over federal dollars, but the state budgets $200,000 to help elderly refugees.
Lawmakers, mostly Republicans, have criticized Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s refusal to try to block Syrian refugees from settling in Missouri following deadly attacks in Paris.
Some questioned whether enough money is spent on security.

Some House Democrats earlier Monday proposed spending roughly $6.5 million for the State Highway Patrol to adopt additional safeguards. About $1.5 million would be used to verify refugee screenings conducted by the federal government.

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