Nixon Not Concerned About Muslim Backlash

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon does not think the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and California will trigger a back lash toward Muslims.

“I’m not overly concerned. I think as we move forward, there is a lot of great diversity that will continue,” Nixon said in Kansas City on Friday.

The Governor also said he did not think the mass shooting in California and Colorado Springs would lead to any changes in Missouri’s gun laws.

“I don’t think you’re going to see any changes in the gun laws of Missouri. I don’t think we’ll be on the cutting edge anything in that area,” he said.

Several bills have been pre-filed for the 2016 legislative session dealing with concealed weapons in Missouri.

No bills have been filed yet that directly deal with terrorism.

Earlier this week, a joint session of the Senate and House Budget committees did have a hearing on whether or not Missouri should accept any more Syrian refugees.

It is likely there may be a bill or two filed dealing with that.

On Friday, the state of Texas sued the Obama administration over the refugee issue.

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