KC Firefighter Takes Own Life, Worked Closely With One of October’s Victims

A Kansas City firefighter committed suicide early Wednesday morning in the parking lot of Fire station at 34th and Paseo.

A Fire Department source says the firefighter worked with the late Larry Leggio, died in a blaze in October.

The firefighter worked on the same truck as Leggio and on the same shift.

It is not known if investigators found a note.

Leggio and Firefighter John Mesh died in an arson fire on Independence Avenue October 12.

It is the second jolt to the fire department in eight weeks.

Leggio worked out of the 34th & Paseo station. The firefighter who died today worked the same shift and on the same truck as Leggio.

A neighbor says she heard one shot come from the firefighter parking lot behind Station 17 shortly before 9am.

She said she called 911.

Late Wednesday morning, the City issued a statement on behalf of the City Ma Agee Troy Schulte, Mayor Sly James and Fire Chief Paul Berardi:

“Our hearts are heavy today as we stand with our Kansas City, Mo. City family, especially our Kansas City Missouri Firefighters, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.

This tragedy is difficult to understand. While we cannot know exactly what happened, this may be a reminder of the intense stress that our trained team of professionals endure as part of working in public safety.

On behalf of all our firefighters, we appreciate the prayers and words of support. In respect for the family and coworkers, we ask for privacy in this time of shock and grief.

We have counselors available for our employees, and we will do everything we can to assist the police with their investigation.

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