Sanders Expects Replacement Race to Be Wide Open

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders says he could have influenced the selection of the next County
Executive but decided not to do so.

” By doing it now, by announcing we’re resigning this quickly, it’s three months for anyone who wants to file to file. A Republican can file, a democrat can file. Anyone who wants to can file,” Sanders told KMBC on Tuesday.
Sanders resignation takes effect at the end of the month.

Veteran Jackson County Legislator Dennis Waits will serve as the interim County Executive. He is not expected to run for the office on his own.
Jackson County voters will fill the last two years of Sanders’ third term in office.

Sander cited family reason for decided to step down. He said he had accomplished all of his goals.
He also says there is no bombshell lurking.

“I’m not terminal. I’m not dying.
Don’t plan on getting hit my a bus. I plan on staying civically involved,” he added.

Sanders has two sons who are 12 and 9. He says he wants to spend more time with them.

He noted being County Executive was a full time job.

He told the story of celebrating his anniversary with his wife on a trip to San Fransisco, only to have it interrupted by 13 hours of phone calls back to the office.

‘I have the roaming charges to prove it” he said.

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