Frank White Plans to ” Go Slow” In County Executive’s Post

Jackson County Executive Frank White

Former home town baseball hero Frank White became the first African American to hold the post of Jackson County Executive Monday.

White was selected as the long-term replacement for Mike Sanders, who announced his resignation abruptly in mid- December.

White did not offer any major projects in the 11 and half months of his appointed term.

“I don’t think you can change a ton in such a short period of time,” he told reporters after being sworn in.

White said he would take a “go slow” approach leading Jackson County.

He says his first task is gto meet with the County’s department heads and get to know them.

White had never held political office or had much to do with government before 2014 when he was elected to the County Legislagtuere.

That year, he ran county-wide and won easily.

White’s days as a popular baseball player and later, as a popular announcer for a struggling team, made him well known throughout the region.

White says he thought being elected to the legislature would be enough. He said he thought it was a good place to help people in the community.

He admitted he never thought much about higher office until the recent developments.

If that happens he act in the role of the incumbent Democratic County Executive in a Democratic county.

Sanders’ mid-December announcement that he was leaving with two years left on his term caught many in Jackson County politics off guard.

Sanders insists there is no health issue or other problem that is looming.

White appeared to have almost unanimous support soon after Sanders’ announcement.

Again today Jackson County Chair, Crystal Jackson called White a friendly and effective man, but she said he was “no pushover”.

White’s appointment is for the balance of this year.

In the meantime, voters will select someone to fill out the last two years of the term.

White says it is “highly likely” he will run for the office on his own.

If that happens he act in the role of the incumbent Democratic County Executive in a Democratic county.

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