Verdict in Missouri Medical Marijuana Case

A Bates County woman was convicted of possessing marijuana Friday in a case that could have impact of Missouri’s debate over medical marijuana.
Dolores Halbin was found guilty of misdemeanor possession by Bates County Judge James Journey.

He announced his verdict Friday following a short bench trial late last month.

Halbin and her late husband Gene were facing a felony charge for growing marijuana.

Dolores Halbin says the marijuana helped her husband deal with his glaucoma and diabetes.

The registered nurse said it eased the pain and improved his health.

“He didn’t have to tell me. He was face down in bed for two years. I saw it.I saw him get up,” she said.

Halbin says she may appeal the misdemeanor conviction.

She also plans to continue to campaign for medical marijuana in Missouri.

A state-wide campaigning is about to start asking voters decide the issue later this year.

Halbin and her attorney, Dan Viets, offered a “medical necessity” defense to the judge.

Although Judge Journey did not accept it, he also said, ” I’ve been on the bench 8 years now and I don’t remember one any more sympathetic (case) since I’ve been on the bench.”

It’s not likely Halbin will serve any jail time.

She is scheduled to be sentenced March 21. 

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