Graves Says KCAviation Won’t Give Alternative a Fair shot

Proposed ch ages I. terminal include a wider concourse with more retail and ore space for security and baggage claim (orange) more new roads and sidewalks (green) and a bigger garage (blue)

Missouri Congressman sa,m Graves does not think the Kansas City Aviation Department will give an alternative KCI “a fair shot”.

“”I am encouraged to see a new proposal for KCI,” Graves said in a news release, “but it’s hard to believe that any alternative will get a fair shake from the Kansas City Aviation Department.

Grave charges the aviation officials are determined to replace KCI with a new one billion dollar terminal.

No decision has been made about the future of KCI.

Graves remarks came after an alternative plan emerged for the Kansas City airport.

The Crawford Architects partner, StaceyJones says his smaller alternative accomplishes the same goal, adding more space.

“That’s what we don’t have. Space. Space to make people feel comfortable,” Jones said.

Jones estimates terminal ‘A’ could be renovated for $335 million

Terminal ‘B’ could be renovated later for about the same costs in today’s money

The city is already considering four alternatives for KCI.

Two could call for a major re-build of the airport. Two others call for major renovation. Both cost almost $1 billion.

Jones says this alternative would double the width of the terminal. That would provide for space for security more retails and better access to baggage claim.

This plan also keep the curbside pick-up an drop off points many Kansas Citians like most about the airport.

“It’s a pay-as-you go-plan. To where we don’t have to bond a billion dollars,” said City Council member Teresa Loar.

Loar says she asked for Crawford to come up with the alternative late last year.

“We had council members specifically say are there other ways to get done what we need to get done. And it looks like some have come up with an idea, said Council member Jolie Justus.

She heads the city’s airport committee.

They are expected to hear back from the city’s own consultants later this month.

If the Council decides to seriously consider the lest proposal, it could push the decision date for the KCI project back from the target date of late spring..

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