Potential SCOTUS Nominee Still Has Ties to Lawrence Ks. 

  Lawrence, Kansas friends and associates call Washington DC Appellate Judge Sri Srinivasan smart, congenial and moderate in his legal outlook. 
He is now being mentioned by many as a potential nominee by President Obama to succeed  Antonin Scalie on the Supreme Court. 

Srinivasan grew up in Lawrence. He was the co- valedictorian of the Class of 1985.

A childhood friend, K-U law professor Betsy Brand Six, said Srinivasan and his co- valedictorian used their graduation speech to recite a hip-hop poem.

She described as a very smart but very respectful young man.

Another former neighbor, Jo Huntsington said. Srinivasan was clearly the smartest person in every room he was in, but never acted the part.

PBrand Six attended Hillcrest Grade School, West Junior High And Lawrence High School together with Srinivasan. 

They were also at the Stanford Law School for one year together, although not in the same class.

She says he is not an ideologue in anyway.

Another K-U Law professor, Stephen McAllister called Srinivasan “a moderate” on legal issues.

Srinivasan served in both the the George W. Bush and Obama administrations.

He also worked for judges appointed by bother Democratic and Republicans.

Srinivasan is currently an appellate judge for the Washington DC circuit. 

In 2013 he was confirmed by the Senate to that post 97-0. 

McAllister noted several current Supreme Court justices, including Chief Justice Stephen Roberts served on ten DC appellate bench before being nominated for the Supreme Court.

McAllister said DC appellate judges often deal with the legalities of the various federal departments. He says they rarely deal with hot button social issues, like abortion and the death penalty.

Both McAllister and Brand Six say Srinivasan retains ties to the Lawrence area. They say he remains a big fan of area sports teams like the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team, the Kansas City Royals and the Chiefs football team. 

Srinivasan’s family immigrated to the US from India.

His father was a K-U professor.

His mother taught  at the Kansas City Art Institute.

One of his younger sisters was the fifth employee hired by the website ‘Yahoo’, helping develop the company. 

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