Tweets Encouage McCaskill After Announcement

The first thing many thought about when hearing of Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s announcement that she is fighting breast cancer is that the disease has made another mistake.
“If ever cancer has picked on the wrong person to mess with—it’s you,” tweeted presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
McCaskill’s former campaign manager Adriane Marsh added, “she’s won some tough fights in her day. This cancer doesn’t stand a chance”.
McCaskill announced Monday afternoon she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a regular mammogram.

She said the prognosis is good and she expects a full recovery.
McCaskilll says she’s remaining in St. Louis, where she lives, for three weeks of treatments.
McCaskill is a fan of social memdia and used her Tumblr account to announce her illness.
She said while she will miss votes in the Senate, she plans to tell voters how she would have voted and what she thinks of the issues on her Senate webpage, (

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