Bernie Sanders Asks Kansas City for Votes

Sanders supporters at Bartle Hall Wednesday.

Democrat Bernie Sanders urged Kansas and Missouri voters to support in at their caucuses and primary next month.

Sanders meet several thousand cheering supporters at an afternoon rally in Bartle Hall.

The Kansas caucus is March 1. The Missouri presidential primary is March 15.

Sanders told the crowd that his so-called ‘radical ideas” are just uncomfortable to the billionaire class.

He urged them to ”stand up and say loudly enough is enough!”

During his speech, he repeated the campaign’s main goals, reforming the political system to remove large corporate contributions, end income inequity, free college tuition and a single payer healthcare system.

Sander did veer off in to local politics briefly.

He criticized Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback.

He said Brownback unfairly picks on the poor.

Karen Ingla came to Sanders’ rally as an undecided voter. She left unimpressed with Sanders.

Igla said he did a good job of explaining his view of the problems, however she did not think he was as good at offering solutions.

“But he didn’t get a whole lot of substance on how he was going to do that.

Sanders denied he was abandoning the coming South Carolina primary next weekend. Polls show rival Hillary Clinton is ahead.

“If I could be in Kansas City and South Carolina at the same time, I would, but we haven’t figured that out yet,” he joked with KMBC TV.

The Sanders campaign has Missouri State Representative Brandon Ellington introduce him.

Sanders was asked about his poor performance with some African American Democrats. He conceded he was trailing.

“Talk about difficulty! When we started we were at 3%. I was trailing with African Americans, trailing with Whites, trailing with Latinos. I was trailing with everybody".

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