Poll:  Majority Dissattified With Brownback Performance

A majority of Kansans are very dissatisfied with Gov. Sam Brownback’s job performance, with President Barack Obama earning higher marks than the governor in the conservative state.
Approximately 53 percent of Kansans are very dissatisfied with Brownback, compared with 43 percent with Obama. A total of 69 percent of Kansans are either somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the governor.
The numbers come from polling released Friday by the Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University.
The poll found Brownback’s numbers have grown worse since the last poll in October. At that time, 48 percent were very dissatisfied with the second-term chief executive.
Only 21 percent said they were either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with Brownback’s job performance. Ten percent of respondents were neutral.
In the October Docking poll, 28 percent of respondents were very or somewhat satisfied with Brownback. 
More: http://www.hdnews.net/news/local/poll-majority-of-kansans-very-dissatisfied-with-brownback-s-job/article_0c29bb0e-fe45-5e80-8a16-a07beb389948.html

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