Cruz Says Voting for Trump Elects Clinton

Sen Ted Cruz in Johnson County Wednesday night.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz searched for votes in heavily Republican Johnson County on Wednesday.

It’s well known that the thousands of Johnson County republicans can sway a statewide campaign like the Saturday Republican presidential caucus.

Cruz repeatedly told voters that he is the only realistic alternative to the current Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump.

“If we nominate Donald trump, we are electing Hillary Clinton,” Cruz said in an interview with KMBC TV.

He said he was appealing “to the 65-to-70% of Republicans who recognize Donald is the wrong person, to go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton—that he loses to Hillary Clinton,”.

He noted his campaign has beaten Trump in five states. Cruz won four cacuses or primaries.

He finished second in Minnesota while trump finished third.

Marico Rubio won the Minnesota GOP vote.

Cruz ate BBQ and talked with voters at Joes Kansas City restaurant in late afternoon.

Then a crowd of about 2,00 people were at his rally in Yardley hall on the campus of the Johnson County Community College.

Many of the people at the hall, but not all of them, were already Cruz supporters.

Some said they had narrowed it down to either Cruz or trump.

After urging voters to consolidate around his campaign, Cruz launched into his regular stump speech.

He told the crowd that his plans could spur the economy, build up the military and restore personal liberties.

He also warned the crowd that if Democrat offered to the US Supreme Court as a replacement for the late Antonin Scalia.

Another GOP candidate, Rubio, has a rally scheduled in Wichita on Friday afternoon.

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