E-Tax Sides Trade Shots

With a week left before the voters decide the fate of the Kansas City earnings tax, the campaign grows a little more intense.
Boosters of the earnings tax accused opponents of trying to mislead the voters with a set of campaign flyers being mailed to voters.
One charges that some executives and others with influence avoid paying the full earning tax.
A spokesman for Progress KC, the campaign for the e-tax , Steve Glorioso, says the charge is a lie.
“No one in Kansas City who works here or lives here is exempted from the earnings tax. No one,” he said.
Glorioso stressed the association employees paid the proper amount of e-tax.
“It’s true,’ counter Earnings tax opponent, Woody Cozad.
“For example, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners cut a deal with the city, where they remit only half of the earnings tax for their employees,”.
In September of 2010, the City Council approved allowing the Insurance Commissioner group to keep 50% of its paid earnings tax, in return for keeping the organization’s offices in Kansas City, Missouri.
The Association’s office remains in Kansas City.

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