Moran Ducks Question A out Supreme Court Nominee

Ks. Senator Jerry Moran

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran refused to answer questions Friday about his break with Republican Leadership over the Supreme Court nominee Merruck Garland.
“I’ve expressed enough”, Moran said as he stepped into an elevator in downtown Kansas City Friday morning.
Moments before he told a KMBC TV crew he would not talk about the Supreme Court issue.
Last week, Moran told a small group In west Kansas the US Senate ought to hold a hearing in Garland’s nomination.
He told that group he’d rather have people complaining about him voting the wrong way on an issue rather than being accused of not doing his job.
Some conservative groups criticized him for breaking ranks with the GOP Senate Leadership.
Moran issued a statement later saying he is opposed to judge Garland’s nomination. In that statement, did not retract his call for a Senate confirmation hearing.

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