GOP Delegate Hunt Resumes in Missouri

The Presidential delegate street fight returns to Missouri this weekend.
While Donald trump won Missouri March presidential primary and 37 of 52 delegates the fight is not over.
The campaigns of Donald trump and Ted Cruz will try and place their supporters in many delegates slots, even if the slot is controlled by the other candidate.
All 52 Missouri delegates are bound to their candidate on the first ballot..
If there is a 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th ballot, they become free agents after that first ballot,. So the campaigns want their supporters as those delegates for that possible 2nd vote said Jennifer Finch, the chair of the 5th District Congressional group.
In many district the campaigns of Trump and Cruz are expected to offer slates of people seeking delegate positions.
The Cruz campaign has proven more adept at organizing delegate slates, even in state where they did not win most of the delegates.
Each convention will pick three delegates to the national convention in Cleveland and three alternates.
The balance of the Missouri delegate will be filled out at the Republican State Convention next month.

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