Cruz’ Kansas Co-Chair is Still ‘NeverTrump’

Ted Cruz campaigns in Kansas during the Ks caucus.

The Co-Chair of the Ted Cruz campaign in Kansas, Lenexa St. Rep. Amanda Grosserode says she will not vote for the apparent GOP nominee, Donald Trump.
“I am ‘Never Trump ‘ and I have been for a very long time,” she said, “so, no, I will not be voting for Donald Trump”.
The abrupt end to the GOP nominating contest has different impacts on GOP convention delegations from Kansas and Missouri.
Ted Cruz carried Kansas on its March 5 caucus. He took 24 of Kansas’ 40 delegates; Trump earned nine delegates and former candidate Marco Rubio won six delegates.
According to the rules of the Kansas Republican party, the delegates pledged to Cruz and Rubio remain pledged to those campaigns until they are officially released. That has not happened yet.
Donald Trump won the Missouri presidential primary in March, gaining 37 of the 52 Missouri delegates.
The Executive Director of the Missouri GOP, Jonathan Prouty says the 15 Cruz delegates were “unbound” when Cruz suspended his campaign last night.
Both Democrats and Republicans in both states are continuing to fill out their roster for the national convention in July.

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