Reactions to the Kansas Supreme Court School Ruling

Here is some of the reaction to Friday’s Kansas Supreme Court ruling declaring the state school finance system is unconstitutional:

Gov. Sam Brownback:

“It is unfortunate that the Kansas Supreme Court has put at risk the education of Kansas students by threatening to close schools on June 30. The court is engaging in political brinksmanship with this ruling, and the cost will be borne by our children.

“We will carefully consider the implications of the Court’s ruling and its disregard for the proper role of the Kansas legislature.”

House Speaker Ray Merrick:
“The court has yet again demonstrated it is the the most political body in the state of Kansas. Dumping the ruling at 5 p.m. the day before a long weekend and holding children hostage. This despite the fact that the legislature acted in good faith to equalize the record amounts of money going to schools. This court is planning to shut down schools over less than 1 percent of the total education budget. Frankly, I find their actions disgraceful and hope Kansas voters will remember this in November when deciding whether these Justices should be retained.”

House Minority leader Tom Burroughs:
“For years, Gov. Brownback and his Republican allies in the legislature have refused to adequately fund our schools. Today, the Supreme Court finally said enough is enough. Kansas school children deserve better. The legislature should take whatever action is necessary to keep our schools open, something Democrats have been calling for all along.”

Senate President Susan Wagle:
“I will be talking with my colleagues in the Senate about the best course forward dealing with the Court’s ruling–a ruling which tramples the checks and balances enshrined in the state constitution. Certainly this unconstitutional overreach, and making students the collateral damage of judicial activism, should weigh heavily on the minds of all Kansas voters when many of these justices are up for retention in November.”

Ryan Wright, Executive Director of Kansans for Fair Courts
“The Kansas Supreme Court has done its job to once again protect the Kansas Constitution and our children’s right to an equitable education as guaranteed by the constitution. Now, it’s time for the Legislature to meet its constitutional mandate

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