McCaskill Report: Many US WWII Troops. Not Compensated for Secret Gas Tests

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill conducted mustard gas tests on unsuspecting soldiers ate in WW II.
McCaskill says the Department of Fense and the Veterans Administration (VA) were reluctant to pay veterans stemming from the experiments.
“It’s a horrible situation,” McCaskill said Tuesday.
The Missouri Democrat announced she is filing a bill to compensate the surviving veterans.
She named the measure the Arla Herrell Act. Harrell is a 89-year old Missouri man who says he was one of the test victims and has been denied benefits, as recently as April 2016..
Harrell says he and other soldiers were gasses as part of military tests at Camp Crowder, a WW II training base in Southern Missouri that is now closed.
McCaskill says only 40 veterans have ever been approved to receive benefits after being parts of the test.
Her office says as many as 60,000 troops may have been involved.
McCaskill says the Department of Defense and the VA Placed the burden of proof to receive benefits on the veterans applying for claims.
“That is beyond outrageous,” McCaskill said.
VA Secretary Robert McDonald says he’ll look into the charges, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

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