No School Finance Deal Wednesday in Topeka

Kansas legislators will not try to deal with the state’s school finance crisis. Say week, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the legislature’s latest school funding plan unconstitutional.
Neither Senate not House Republicans could agree on a way forward with a solution is a
Limited time.
Wed essay is the ceremonial closing of the Kansa Legislature. Known by the Latin phrase, ‘Sine Die’. Loosely translated that means without another day.
The Senate decision not to consider a school Finace solution I creases the likelihood of a special session.
House members also failed at reaching a consensus in their caucus.
One plan that was considered was allocating $50 million to the Kansa Dept. of Education.
The the State Finace Council, made of up the Governor and Legislative leaders would allocate the money, in hoes that will satisfy the state Supreme Court.
Either Governor Brownback or two-thirds of both chambers can call for a special session.
The Supreme Court is threatening to shut the state school system on July 1st, the start of the Kansas school district focal year.

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