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Brunner & Greitens Argue in Private Phone Call that Goes Public
November 24, 2015

St. Louis Post Dispatch political reporter Kevin McDermott is writing about a private argument between GOP candidates for Missouri governor John Brunner and Eric Greitens that has gone public:
The audio recording is a phone conversation between two political candidates trying to schedule a meeting with each other. But at times, it sounds more like a Hollywood thriller — an especially melodramatic one.

“Oh, John Brunner, oh my God, you are such a weasel! Are you going to meet tomorrow or not?” demands Eric Greitens.

He then says, in an almost ominous whisper: “I can’t wait to see you in person, John. I want to look in your eyes.”

Brunner, one of the Greitens’ opponents for the 2016 Republican nomination for Missouri governor, spends much of the conversation appealing for calm and chuckling patiently, as Greitens calls him a “weasel,” “coward,” “corrupt” and a liar.

Then Brunner fires back. “You know what men do, Eric? They don’t call people names,” he says. “They sit down and talk face to face. That’s what men do.”

And so on, for more than 10 minutes:

At issue is a campaign website by a third-party organization that is attacking Greitens as insufficiently conservative. The site is run by a former Brunner campaign employee. Brunner’s campaign claims it has nothing to do with the site — though the ex-employee, Adam McLain, was still drawing payments from the Brunner campaign as late as September.


Blunt Rips Obama’s ISIS Strategy
November 24, 2015

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt warned against joining any Mideast military alliance led by Russia.

“What you don’t want is an alliance led by Russian. I think an alliance including Russia: highly unlikely,” Blunt said in Kansas City Tuesday.

Blunt, a member of the US senate intelligence committee says top American intelligence officials are saying the same thing to committee members in the private and public meetings.

“We’ve never had more threats, coming from more different directions at any time,” he said.

Blunt against blasted the Obama administration’s handling of the Syrian refugee crisis.

His political website tweeted out a call for Americans to sign a petition urging the Senate to tighten the regulation on Syrian refugees coming to the US.

Blunt says the claim that refugee are being checked out for 18 months to two years before coming into the country is not accurate.
“Nobody believes that 4 million Syrians, 2 years ago before the disruptions started, had lined up and said, we want to start the 2 year vetting process,” Blunt said.

Clinton Praises Dole and Calls for Political and Social Cooperation
November 23, 2015

Former President Bill Clinton at the Dole Institute Leadership Award Lecture

Lawrence-Former President Bill Clinton says the key to progressing in a divided world is sharing what united people, not focusing on what divides them.

Clinton was in Lawrence, Kansas Monday to receive the Dole Institute leadership Award.

The former president defeated former Senator Dole in the 1996 Presidential campaign. But Clinton said he and Dole worked well together on many projects before and after that campaign.

Clinton says Dole was able to see the common good in many people.

Dole was not present for the ceremony.

The former President said sharing common traits and outlooks works in politics and in life.

“And we know when people practice inclusiveness and cooperation, good things are going to happen.”

He added that terrorists groups like the one that attacked Paris are able to recruit young suicide bombers because they only show them what divides the recruits from the rest of humanity.

“They have been swayed in another direction. One that allows them to believe there is glory in pre-mature death.”

Clinton, however, remains very optimistic.

At one point he told the several hundred people at the lied center in Lawrence he would trade his presidency for the opportunity to see more of the 21st Century.

“Because I think there is a good chance this will be the most peaceful, prosperous time in human history,” he said, “a time of breathtaking scientific advances, in which all the bad things we’re worried about will probably not be quite as bad as we feared, and the good things we hoped for will probably be more than we dreamed.

Ashcroft Says US Should Focus on Terrorists Not Syrian Refugees
November 20, 2015

Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft says the nation should keep its focus on the terrorist threat rather than the Syrian refugees.
“What’s important for us is to focus on terrorists, not to try and include broader groups who may or may not include individuals who may or may not be involved in the terrorist movements,” Ashcroft told KMBC TV Friday in Kansas City.
Ashcroft was the nation’s Attorney General when America was attacked on September 11, 2001.
During his time at the Justice Department, the former Missouri Governor supported passage of the US Patriot Act, which increased security after the deadly attacks in New York, the Pentagon.
Ashcroft said he did not think the entire terrorist threat was wrapped up in Syrian refugees.
“The threat is from terrorism. But many people from Syria need a place to go…but we (the US) also need a safe place in which to live and work.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has not tried to block refugees from coming to the state, as 31 other Governors have done.
That includes Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.
At the same event, Nixon says the state needs to keep its options open. He says Missouri can balance the need to keep citizens safe and still respect the tradition of accepting refugees.
Former US Senator Kit Bond, who also served in the Missouri Governor’s mansion, says the refugee problem was “a huge threat”.
Nixon and Ashcroft were at a rare event where all six living Missouri Governors appeared.
Governors Kit Bond, Ashcroft, Roger Wilson, Bob Holden, Matt Blunt and Nixon were guests of the Hawthorn Foundation.
That group was started by Bond in 1982. It helps governors fund overseas trade missions to attract business to Missouri

All 6 Living Missouri Governors at Hawthorne Foundation Luncheon
November 20, 2015

Left to right: John Ashcroft, Bob Holden, Jay Nixon, Kit Bond, Matt a blunt, Roger Wilson Sent from my iPhone


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