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Judges Steps In to Planned Parenthood Dispute in Columbia
November 30, 2015

(AP) – A judge on Monday temporarily blocked Missouri’s health department from revoking the abortion license held by a Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia as its physician loses hospital privileges required under state law.

The clinic stopped terminating pregnancies last week, but Planned Parenthood filed a federal lawsuit Monday in hopes of retaining its abortion facility license from the state Department of Health and Senior Services while its physician regains privileges or the clinic finds a new doctor. U.S. District Judge Nanette K. Laughrey issued her order at the end of a hearing by telephone conference call.

Laughrey’s order will remain in effect only until Wednesday to give attorneys a chance to address several legal issues. The judge scheduled another telephone conference call for Wednesday afternoon.

Missouri law requires a physician who performs abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Amid an investigation of abortion by the Republican-controlled Legislature, a University of Missouri Health Care system medical staff panel voted in September to discontinue the form of privileges granted to Planned Parenthood doctor Colleen McNicholas, effective Tuesday.

That action prompted the health department to notify Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri that the abortion facility license for its Columbia clinic would be revoked, also effective Tuesday. Missouri now has only one clinic performing abortions, in St. Louis

Schmidt & 3 More AG: : MIMBY Gitmo
November 18, 2015

(AP) – Top prosecutors in three states reportedly being assessed as potential future homes for Guantanamo Bay detainees are imploring the Obama administration not to send the prisoners to their states.

Attorneys general from Colorado, Kansas and South Carolina on Wednesday wrote to President Barack Obama, telling him that bringing detainees to their areas “will create imminent danger” and make “targets” out of the communities where they are placed.

A Defense Department team recently finished surveying seven sites in Colorado, South Carolina and Kansas that could be the next address for some of the 112 detainees currently housed at Guantanamo Bay.

Closing the detention center has been a top priority for Obama. The effort has faced hurdles, including opposition among both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

The prosecutors are giving the administration until Dec. 4 to respond.

Recall Petition Launched Against Segwick Co. Commissioner
November 18, 2015

(AP) – A group of Sedgwick County residents have filed a request to recall a county commissioner over his proposal to restrict people who are in the U.S. illegally from participating in a federal nutrition program.

The Wichita Eagle ( ) reports that the request was made Tuesday to recall County Commission Chairman Richard Ranzau. Organizers of the recall said in a news release that Ranzau has failed to fulfill his legal obligation to contract for the protection of public health in the county.

Ranzau says he stands by his proposal regarding who can receive benefits from the Women, Infants and Children nutritional program. He asked the state to change its eligibility requirements.

District Attorney Marc Bennett’s office has five days to decide whether petitioners have legal grounds for a recall.

Diversity Plan for KU drawing Lawmaker Criticism
November 18, 2015

(AP) – A plan at the University of Kansas to require “inclusion and belonging” training for everyone on campus is drawing criticism from some Republican legislators.

Several said Wednesday they worry the training will become an effort to squelch conservative thought.

Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little said that won’t happen and such training is common among businesses.

Lawmakers’ concerns could complicate the university’s sometimes-rocky relationship with the GOP-dominated Legislature as it faces tough budget decisions and potential spending cuts.

The university and the surrounding community of Lawrence are viewed across the state as liberal political bastions.

Diversity training is among the demands from the student protest group Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk.

Brown back Says State Will Not Assist Feds Relocating Syrian Refugees
November 16, 2015

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says his state agencies will not assist Washington ins re-setting Syrian refugees in Kansas.

“We must take action to ensure terrorists don’t enter Kansas under the guise of refugees,” Brownback said in a statement tweeted out Monday afternoon.

Brownback joins the Governors of more than a dozen states who have declared their will not accept Syrian refugees.

The backlash against accepting people from the mid-east nation accelerated after it was learned one of the Paris attackers entered Europe while posing as a Syrian refugee.

House Speaker Ray Merrick issued a statement in support of the Governor’s move.

He added, “when President Obama declared ISIS was contained just hours before they struck Paris, he made it impossible to rely on information from the federal government.”

Also today, Kansas ‘s Kansas City metro Congressman Kevin Yoder said he was sending a letter to President Obama urging him to reject any Syrian refugees.

Earlier this year, Washington made a commitment to accept 10,,000 refugees from Syria.


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