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Cruz Says Fiorina Will Be his Running Mate
April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz will announce Wednesday that Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential nominee if he’s the Republican Party’s pick for president, according to three sources with knowledge of the announcement.

Fiorina, a former Hewlett-Packard CEO, has been among Cruz’s most loyal and active surrogates since she ended her own 2016 GOP presidential bid after a poor finish in New Hampshire in February.

The announcement, which was teased early Wednesday morning and will be made official Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis, comes the day after Cruz suffered a drubbing at the hands of Donald Trump in five northeastern primaries — losses that mathematically eliminated Cruz from getting the 1,237 delegates he’d need to clinch the GOP nomination.

Airlines Prefer New Single KCI Terminal
April 18, 2016

The airlines that serve KCI airport are about to recommend the city build a new single terminal airport, and the airlines are willing to pay for it and help with the debt, according to Airport Committee Chair Jolie Justus.

“I believe on April 26th all of the airlines are going to come to City Hall. And the airlines will make a recommendation that they would like a new terminal. That they would like to pay for it. And they would like to back the debt,” Justus said in an interview with KMBC TV Monday.

Justus and other members of the Council’s Airport Committee met with executives of Southwest Airlines Friday in Dallas.

Since Southwest is KCI’s busiest airline it has influence with KCI officials and city leaders.
Southwest KCI executives often represent the views and concerns of the other KCI airlines to airport officials.

Council member Teresa Loar has been a skeptic of the plan to build a new single terminal KCI airport.

“Of course Southwest would love a new airport! I think any airline would love a new airport,” she said in KMBC interview.

Loar is also pushing to delay a vote on any plans for KCI.

She says it would be better to wait until 2017, when the issue is not lost in the August primary or the November presidential election.

Justus disagrees.

If the City Council approves an airport plan in May, as expected, a measure would go before Kansas City voters later in the year.

Earlier, consultant estimated it would be less expensive to build a news single terminal for about $964 dollars than it would be to renovate the existing terminals.

Cost estimates on the remodeling have run as high as $1.2 billion.

The City’s Airport Committee meets next week on April 26th.

(AP) – A top Kansas social services official has outlined proposals for nearly $17 million in additional spending at the state’s two mental hospitals.

Department for Aging and Disability Services Interim Secretary Tim Keck discussed the proposals Monday during a meeting of a legislative oversight committee on social services.

Keck said he’s asking Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget staff to include the spending in his proposals for legislators to consider. Lawmakers return April 27 from their annual spring break to wrap up their business for the year.

Most of the money would be spent at Osawatomie State Hospitals in eastern Kansas. It would cover pay raises for nurses and mental health technicians.

But the proposals include a pay raise for mental health technicians at Larned State Hospital in western Kansas.

(AP) – Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster’s most recent fundraising has exceeded the combined total of all his Republican opponents in the race for Missouri governor, reports filed Friday with the Missouri Ethics Commission show.

Koster raised $2.2 million in cash and in-kind donations between the beginning of the year and the end of March, while his four Republican rivals raised just under $2.1 million. Koster’s $7.4 million in cash on hand is also larger than any of his GOP opponents’ campaign accounts.

Former Navy SEAL officer Eric Greitens topped the Republican field with about $1 million in donations, bringing his cash on hand to $4.1 million.

Former U.S. attorney and Missouri House speaker Catherine Hanaway reported raising about $558,000, but more than half of that came from in-kind contributions rather than cash, including $241,520 from the Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee. That donation was for radio ads that ran from February through the end of March, mostly on Christian and conservative talk radio programs, Hanaway spokesman Nick Maddux said.

Hanaway’s ended the quarter with more than $1.5 million on hand.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder raised about $332,000 this period, leaving him with about $624,000 in cash on hand.

St. Louis businessman John Brunner raised about $163,000. Although he raised the least in the Republican field, he has demonstrated an ability to self-fund his campaign. He spent more than $7.5 million of his own money on an unsuccessful race for U.S. Senate in 2012, and so far he has poured more than $3.7 million into this race.

Brunner’s campaign spent about $522,000 this quarter, topping the field. Koster’s campaign spent about $510,000, while Greitens spent about $320,000.

Greitens’ has faced criticism for not returning $1 million given to him in previous quarters from a donor accused of sexual abuse. The donor, Michael L. Goguen, has denied the allegations and does not appear on this quarter’s list of contributions.

Hanaway’s campaign spending, which does not include the radio ads, exceeded $207,000. Kinder spent about $149,000.

Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon is barred from re-election because of term limits. The state’s primary elections are August 2.

Voters will also choose party nominees for new lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and secretary of state – none of which have incumbent candidates this year.

Some of Trump’s Kids Can’t Vote for Him- Not Registered
April 11, 2016

(AP) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s children may be among their father’s most loyal cheerleaders. But only one of his three oldest children will be able to vote for him in next Tuesday’s Republican primary in New York.

New York City voter registration records show that neither Ivanka Trump nor her brother Eric Trump registered with the Republican Party in time to cast their ballots for their father under the state’s arcane voting rules.

“They had a long time register and they were, you know, unaware of the rules, and they didn’t, they didn’t register in time, so they feel very, very guilty,” Trump said in a phone interview with ‘Fox and Friends’ on Monday morning

GOP Delegate Maneuvers in Kansas
April 7, 2016

Republican delegate maneuvering is underway in Kansas.
Many now expect the delegate-to-delegate battle to extend from here all the way to the floor of the GOP Convention in Cleveland in July.
An example of it took place recently at the Kansas Republican 3rd District Congressional Convention.
The 3rd District GOP had three delegate position available. Two were awarded to the Cruz campaign. The other went to the Marco Rubio operation.
Rubio has now dropped out the race.
Kansas GOP rules state national convention delegates are bound to a specific candidate until they are officially released by that campaign.
Rubio’s operation has not done that yet.
“There is an anticipation that Rubio will release those delegates at some point” said Kansas GOP Executive director Clay Barker.
“And under our rules, they become free agents. They can vote for whoever they want. That could become key in Kansas,” he added.
At the 3rd Congressional convention, State Representative Amanda Grosserode was the top vote getter.
That entitled to choose what delegate slot she wanted.
Grosserode picked the Rubio slot, even though she supports Ted Cruz for the nomination.
If Rubio releases his delegates, Grosserode could become an easy delegate pick up for the Cruz campaign in an political environment where every delegate counts.

James Worries Of Loss of E-Tax and City Pensions
March 30, 2016

Kansas City mayor Sly James warned that the loss of the city’s earnings tax could “ snowball and lead to a city bankruptcy.
James and other leaders says if voters do not renew the earnings tax at the April 5 election major cutback could follow.
A defeat of the e-tax would lead to its phase-out over 10 years.
The city says that could lead to more than 2,00 lay-off over the period.
The earnings tax campaign says more than 1,300 of the lay-off could be among police and firefighters.
James says the loss of the earnings tax’s $230 million dollars a year and the lay-off could jeopardize the city’s pensions.
“Because fewer people will be contributing to it. That’s the cycle that leads to bankruptcy,” James told KMBC 9 News.
The city budget shows the city pays $79.8 million dollars out each year in pension benefits for former employees.
James says the bankruptcy threat is not imminent buy it’s a possibility if the city phases out the earnings tax and the base of city employees contributing the pension funds is reduced by lay-offs.