153,000 Kansas Have Voted in Advance
October 31, 2014

(AP) – More registered Republicans have cast early votes in Kansas than voters affiliated with other parties in the state.

GOP officials are trumpeting the data as a signal that Gov. Sam Brownback and U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts will be re-elected Tuesday.

Democrats and independent Senate candidate Greg Orman’s campaign say many Republicans are breaking with the party’s top nominees.

Recent polling has suggested close races between Roberts’ and Orman, and between Brownback and Democratic challenger Paul Davis.

Nearly 153,000 people had voted as of Thursday.

Of those, 54.2 percent were registered Republicans, 30.6 percent were Democrats and 14.9 percent were unaffiliated. Among the state’s 1.74 million registered voters, 44.6 percent are Republicans, 24.5 percent are Democrats and 30.2 percent are unaffiliated. Libertarians comprise less than 1 percent of either group.

Northland Lawmaker Files Early Voting Bill
March 12, 2013

State Representative Myron Neth of Liberty filed a bill Tuesday to provide early voting in Missouri.
The issue has bounced around Missouri for years. It has been supported by both Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State. The issue always seems to get snagged in legislative politics.
“Through HB 848 and election legislation proposed by others, it is my intent to ensure that voting is more secure and fair to the voters of Missouri.” Neth said. Neth is the vice-chairman of the House elections committee.
Missouri’s western neighbor, the state of Kansas, has had advance voting for several years.
On some major elections, nearly a third of Kansas voter cast a ballot before the traditional Election Day.
In the Kansas City suburb of Johnson County, ‘advance voting’, as it’s known there is very popular.
Neth’s bill has the support of Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander. His office supervises Missouri elections.
Earlier this year, Kander formed a panel to look at ways early voting could be enacted in Missouri.
“I asked my bipartisan Early Voting Commission to advise me on a fair, secure and affordable way for eligible Missourians to vote in advance of Election Day,” Kander said. Kander says many of those suggestions are included in Neth’s bill. Some of the provisions in the measure include:

1. Reform the current absentee ballot law to allow registered voters to cast absentee ballots by mail without needing to state an excuse.

2. Allow registered voters to cast early ballots on voting equipment at a central voting location prior to Election Day to replace current in-person absentee voting.

3. Create satellite voting locations during November Presidential elections.

4. Early voting lists should be kept confidential and should only be disclosed twice prior to the election.