Missouri Freshman Ann Wagner Tabbed as ‘Most Likely to be House Leadership Favorite’
January 3, 2013

AnnWagnerPolitco reports Missouri rookie Congresswoman Ann Wagner from St. Louis has already attracted the attention of the GOP House leadership.
In a rundown of Congressional freshman to watch, Wagner, from greater St. Louis, made Politico’s cut:
Wagner may be a first-time congresswoman, but she’s no stranger to GOP politics. Wagner served as the chairwoman of Missouri’s Republican Party, co-chair of the Republican National Committee during George W. Bush’s first term and as chairwoman of Sen. Roy Blunt’s 2010 Senate campaign. As her party has struggled to make gains with women voters, Wagner is in a prime position to help her leadership: She worked extensively at the RNC on initiatives to reach out to women voters. She comes into the House to take the seat vacated by former Rep. Todd Akin, who became infamous for his remarks on “legitimate rape.” In October, before she was elected, she was tapped by Speaker John Boehner to give the weekly Republican address, and she started a PAC to contribute to her fellow Republican candidates. The Weekly Standard reported that Wagner was selected to be a key liaison between House freshmen and Republican leadership.

Akin in the Deep Freeze?
August 22, 2012

Mo. GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin has not had his phone ringing off the hook today. Unlike yesterday when he was besieged by calls from some GOP brass to drop out for the sake of the Party.
Several GOP sources say Akin should get used to it.
One, who did not want the name used, said the “people are leaving him alone to see what kid of impact that has.”
Like Bob Dylan said, “How does it feel, To be on your own?””
That does not mean the pressure to talk Akin into dropping out is diminishing. It is just taking another form for now.
The rumors and conspiracies swirl about who might be in line to replace Akin if he changes his mind.
There is the possibility the replacement candidate would be a woman. republican fear the gender gap problem gets worse because of Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape”, and the inaccurate claim it’s harder for woman to become pregnant by rape.
Names on the most-mentioned list include Mo-2 Congressional candidate Ann Wagner, southeast Congressman Jo Ann Emerson. Some are talking up Mo-4 freshman Vicky Hartzler.
There seems to be little enthusiasm for either of Akin’s primary rivals, John Brunner and Sarah Steelman, said the same source.
Akin sent out several social media appeals for money.
“The media is against us. The Washington elites are against us. The party bosses are against us. Help us fight back,” read one late afternoon tweet.
Shortly afterward another Akin tweet reports “we’re over 3/4 the way there! help us get to $100,000 by midnight.
Akin’s Democratic opponent Claire McCaskill continues to try to execute her campaign game plan.
This is veterans week for the McCaskill operation. But reporters keep asking her about the Akin . She took the same approach many of Akin’s defenders are taking. She says Republicans picked Akin in the primary, so he’s the nominee.

Talent & Wagner Talk Up New Ticket in Missouri Monday
August 13, 2012

A top advisor to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Mo-2 GOP candidate Ann Wagner will talk up the new GOP ticket Monday.
Former Missouri Senator Jim Talent and Ann Wagner have a mid-morning news conference. They’ll go after president Obama’s record on the economy. They’ll claim he “failed”, and cite the fact that the unemployment rate has been over 8% for 42 months.
They’ll also promote the ‘America’s Comeback Team’. That’s the name the Romney campaign has rolled out after the weekend selection of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate.
The news confrence will be a at a motorcycle shop in Affton, Missouri.
Talent is a top advisor to the Romney campaign on issues such as defense and small business.

Mo-2 Democratic 49-Vote Primary: ReCount Likely, Wagner Awaits
August 10, 2012

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Two Democrats seeking to run against Republican Ann Wagner to represent Missouri’s second congressional district are separated by 49 votes.
In unofficial returns from the Democratic primary, Glenn Koenen defeated Harold Whitfield by 49 votes on Tuesday. (7,893 to 7,844.)
Whitfield said on Thursday that he will request a recount after the election results are certified by Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.
“I’d like to run against Ann Wagner,” said Whitfield, a lawyer from Kirkwood.
But unless a recount is successful, Wagner will face Koenen, of Oakville.
The district is dominated by Republicans. Neither Democratic candidate ran a major media campaign. Koenen raised just $3,600 and loaned himself $5,000 for the campaign.
By contrast, Wagner raised more than $1.9 million. She had about $525,000 in cash on hand through mid July, according to campaign finance reports. Much of that money has gone toward television ads.

Maggie’s List Backs Steelman, Wagner in Missouri
July 13, 2012

Maggie’s List,a political group for conservative woman similar to the left-leaning EMILY’s List, is endorsing GOP Senate candidate Sarah Steelman and Mo-2 Republican Ann Wagner.
Maggie’s List was founded in the 2010 cycle to promote conservative females candidates and increase the number of women in elected office in washington.
Maggie’s List says 16% of House Members are women, and 17 of the 100 Members of the Senate.
The news release announcing the endorsement says Steelman and Wagner gets the nod because of “the need for strong fiscal conservatism in Congress. They are determined, dynamic women who will work to overturn Obamacare, create jobs and get the country on the right track for our children’s future.”
Sandra B. Mortham, is the Chairman of Maggie’s List and former Florida Secretary of State.