Kansas to Issue Same Sex Couples Birth Certificates on Case-by-Case Basis
October 8, 2015

AP) – The state of Kansas will issue birth certificates to two same-sex couples but will continue to study similar requests on a case-by-case basis.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says the birth certificates in the two cases will list both members of the same-sex couples as parents of their children.
The two couples were part of pending lawsuits in state and federal court. They argued the state’s refusal to issue the birth certificates violated a recent Supreme Court ruling that states must recognize same-sex marriages.
Department spokeswoman Sara Belfry told The Lawrence Journal-World (http://bit.ly/1OnU0Mu ) the department decided to issue the birth certificates in the two cases after reviewing applicable law and existing court orders.
But she says the state’s general policy has not changed.

Kobach Files Lawsuit on Federal Voter Registration Laws
August 22, 2013

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and the Arizona Secretary of State, are suing the federal government over voter registration.
Kobach announced the state’s involvement in the suit at a Wednesday news conference.
This issue comes from a recent US Supreme Court ruling.
That ruling orders states to permit voters to register with federal forms approved by Congress. Those forms would permit voters to cash ballots in federal races, campaigns for the US House of Senate, but not statewide races
Voters must swear on those forms they are legal US residents, however, they do not have to provide proof of it.
In Kansas, and some other states, potential voters must show their birth certificate before being officially registered.
In Kansas, about 15,000 voter registration applications are being held up now because of that requirement. Kobach told the Topeka Capital Journal newspaper most of those 15,000 applications are from people applying for Kansas driver’s licenses.
A federal election panel, the Election Assistance Commission, must rule on some state’s voting requirements.
The problem is, no one is on that Commission right now. All the seats are vacant.
Kobach says the new lawsuit probably negates a lawsuit filed against the state recently by the America Civil Liberties Union,callingonKobach to clear up the backlog of voter registration applications.