Cleaver Invites Gates and Other Black Business Leaders to White House Meeting with Obama
December 16, 2011

Kansas City Congressman and Chairman of the Black Congressional Caucus, Emanuel Cleaver, brought a group of black business leaders to the White House this week to talk about jobs.
Kansas City businessman Ollie Gates of the Gates barbeque restaurant chain and a long-time Cleaver supporter, was in the group.

He suggested changes to bring new interests and incentives for businesses and customers to come back into the urban core.

“The meeting went very well and the President seemed interested in what we all had to say,” Mr. Gates said according to the release.
“While other people in Washington are arguing about what to do concerning this economy and jobs, I appreciate that Congressman Cleaver is going out and trying to get it done.”

Cleaver’s office called the meeting “a first-of-its kind”, to talk about jobs and the economy.
Cleaver’s office says the meeting with the president lasted about 45 minutes.