Dole Institute Pulls Back Campaign Curtain During Post Election Meeting
December 9, 2012

Top Republican operatives were frustrated during the campaign. They could not find an issue that dented the popularity of President Obama, despite a wobbly economy.
That is one of the points made during an election break down session at the Dole Institute last week in Lawrence, Kansas, Politico reported.
“When we would test message point after message point after message point, there was almost nothing that would stick to this guy because they just liked him personally,” said Romney Deputy Campaign Manager Katie Packer Gage, according to Politico.
President Obama’s campaign team, on the other hand, feared the on-going court battles over early voting. They worried the more voters heard about it, the more they’d reject the idea.
“Our polling, focus groups, everything showed that the more we talked about it, the less people voted — that there is a chilling effect,” said Brent Colburn, Obama’s national communications director.said. “So we actually went out of our way aggressively to not talk about these court cases,”said Colburn,


-Romney Team believes the drawn out GOP primary hurt them. During the seminars they said they think the presence of Super-PACs kept candidates like Rick Santorum and newt Gingrich in the primary longer, at Romney’s expense.

– Obama’s campaign sent Massachusetts Democrats on Romney’s trail to trash his claims he worked well with Democrats when he was Mass. Governor.

-Romney’s campaign believes early voting hurt their chances.
“I’m not sure, frankly, that people voting in the middle of September is a good thing,” Gage said. “You’ve got people voting before any of the debates.”

-Obama’s Campaign didn’t like ‘The Blue Goose’
After the first debate, Chicago wanted to get the President into more town hall style events, without using the presidential podium.
“We were fighting to not use the ‘blue goose,’” Colburn said, a reference to the name for the podium. “We lost that fight. You usually lose fights with the Secret Service,” Colburn said.