Former House Democratic Leader Talboy Joins Burns & McDonnell
May 23, 2012

Former Missouri House Democratic Leader Mike Talboy has joined the Burns and McDonnell engineering firm as it’s first Director of Government Affairs.
Talboy announced earlier this week he was retiring from the legislature He was eligible to serve one more two-year term in the Missouri House.
“I could not be happier to join Burns & McDonnell,” Talboy said. “The commitment they have to the state, our city, our communities and the people of Kansas City is without question. This is a company with endless potential", Talboy said in a news release oases by the company Wednesday morning.
The statement says Talboy starts his new job in early June.
“We are excited to have Mike join our team,” said Burns & McDonnell Chairman and CEO Greg Graves in the same statement “As we have grown, it has become increasingly obvious that we need to be more proactively engaged with the legislative process at all levels of government."
Talboy also was complimented by his opposite number in the House, retiring Speaker Steve Tilley.
"Mike has always been great to work with even when we disagree,” said the release.
“He is a straightforward communicator and has always worked well with all sides of an issue to break through impasses and find consensus."