Former Brownback Counselor Moves to Kansas Supreme Court
December 6, 2014

(AP) – Caleb Stegall is now a justice of the Kansas Supreme Court after serving as a lower-court judge and as a top aide to Gov. Sam Brownback.

The Supreme Court had a special session Friday for Stegall’s swearing in. Brownback and dozens of other people attended the ceremony.

Brownback elevated the 43-year-old Stegall to state’s highest court in August after naming him to the Kansas Court of Appeals last year.

Previously, Stegall served as Brownback’s chief counsel. Before joining the administration in January 2011, Stegall was Jefferson County’s elected prosecutor for two years.

It is the Republican governor’s first appointment to the seven-member Supreme Court.

Stegall replaced former Justice Nancy Moritz. She left to for a seat on the federal appeals court for Kansas and five other western and Plains states.

Former Brownback Advisor on State High Court List
July 11, 2014

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – A former aide to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback who now serves on the Kansas Court of Appeals is among 14 applicants to fill a state Supreme Court vacancy.

Thursday was the application deadline. Judge Caleb Stegall and three other Court of Appeals members, including Chief Judge Thomas Malone, applied, along with seven lawyers and three district court judges.

Supreme Court Justice Nancy Moritz is stepping down July 28 for a seat on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

The Supreme Court Nominating Commission will interview the applicants Aug. 4 and 5 and submit three finalists to Brownback.

Stegall was Brownback’s chief counsel before the governor named him to the Court of Appeals last year under a new method bypassing the commission but adding Kansas Senate confirmation.