Cleaver’s Lawyers Ask for More Time on Car Wash Suit
February 21, 2013

KC Star:
Lawyers for Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s company have asked for more time to respond to a request that the firm be ordered to pay $1.6 million on a delinquent car loan.

In January, Bank of America asked a judge to order the immediate payment on the loan, which the company obtained for a car wash in Grandview. Cleaver’s lawyers were to have responded by Tuesday.

But in a motion filed with the court, the lawyers said they have been unable to discuss the case with their clients “due to scheduling matters related to their employment.” That could refer to Cleaver, who often travels to Washington for congressional business, but it may refer as well to Dianne Cleaver, who is a defendant in the case.

No word on whether the judge has granted the motion, which the Bank of America lawyers oppose.

The trial is still set for April 17.

Cleaver Has Until Oct. 1 to Respond to Car Wash Suit
September 11, 2012

KC Star’s Dave Helling is reporting this today:
Jackson County district court judge Charles McKenzie has given Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s company until Oct. 1 to respond to a lawsuit filed against it by Bank of America which seeks repayment of a loan for the firm’s Grandview car wash.
In an order entered last week the judge gave the company’s lawyers an extension of time to file their response on Cleaver’s behalf.
The bank sued Cleaver Co. LLC in March, seeking a court-appointed receiver for the firm’s car wash in Grandview. The bank also seeks repayment of more than $1.5 million in penalties, interest, and principle owed on the loan.
The judge has already denied the request for a receiver.
Roughly 75% of the loan is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.