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March 6, 2015

The Citizen Association Slate:

Sly James

Scott Wagner
1st District, At Large

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1st District, In District

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2nd District, At Large

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2nd District, In District

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3rd District, At Large

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Jim Glover
4th District, At Large

Jolie Justus
4th District, In District

Lee Barnes, Jr.
5th District, At Large

Ken Bacchus
5th District, In District

Scott Taylor
6th District, At Large

Kevin McManus
6th District, In District

Citizens Association Walk Away From Street Car Plan
July 11, 2014

The drive to expand the starter street car line in Kansas City took a hit Friday. The Citizens Association, which is generally considered a progressive group, did not endorse the street car expansion plan on the August 5 ballot.
The group announced Friday it “reserves judgment “ because its board does not think it has sufficient information to make a decision about a complicated issue.
The resolution says proponents of the street car expansion showed up at the Citizen Association consideration of the question earlier this week. The problem seems to be the street car boosters lack of participating at the meeting.
The “Board of Directors would have benefitted from a presentation by the proponents”, according to the Citizens Association resolution.
The $500 million dollar plan would be funded partly an increase in the sales tax in much of Kansas City, south of the Missouri River.
The resolution noted there “is strong support’ for improving public transit in the city”.
The Citizens Association, however, voted to endorse two other questions on the August 5 ballot.
The Association announced its support for the three-quarter of a cent increase in the state sales tax for transportation needs in the state.
The plan includes money for a number of Kansas City, Missouri and regional projects.
Some of them include more than $120 million to improve the I-435/I-70 interchange as well as improving I-435’s lanes between I-70 and I-49 in the southwest side of the city.
Another project would raise more than $70 million to build a new Broadway bridge in downtown Kansas City.
A third project includes $144 million for the street car expansion project the Citizens associated did not endorse.
The group also supports the renewal of the quarter cent tax for the Kansas City Fire Department.

Citizens Association Opposes Local Control of KC Police
October 23, 2013

The Kansas City Political club, The Citizens Associations is opposing local control of the Kansas City Police Department, saying the proposed remedy is ” throwing the baby out with the bath water”.
A panel appointed by Kansas City Mayor Sly James is considering whether or not to put the proposal on the ballot.
Earlier this year, Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte came out against the plan, too.
The Citizens Association resolution says improvements can be made in the department.
It notes the city spends 46% of its general fund on the department and city spending on the police could be improved.
“The citizens of Kansas City would be well served by improving the financial accountability of the board of police commissioners for spending city funds as determined by the city council and in manners that better husband law enforcement financial resources, the resolution states.
The resolution also says since state control started 74 years ago, the Police Department has largely free of major scandals.
It goes on to note that a number of local officials, including five members of the City Council have been convicted in corruptions scandal and sent to jail.
Kansas City is the only police department in the nation controlled by the state, not by local officials.
Last year, St. Louis voted to end state control. The City of St. Louis now governs it’s police force.

Show-Me Institute Joins Anti Medical Tax Crowd
October 14, 2013

The conservative Show-Me institute is the latest group to come out against the Jackson County medical Research tax.
The Institute published an opinion piece Monday , the institute called it “an egregious misuse of the taxing authority,”.
Co-author Patrick Ishmael told KMBC TV News the measure doe not meet the public purpose threshold of the Missouri Constitution.
“Law firms, construction companies, and just about every other type of business provide a level of public service. Where do you draw the line on which businesses to subsidize with taxes?”
Ishmael writes “the line needs to be drawn somewhere, and this is a good place to start”.
The proposed tax would raise the county sales tax by ½ cent. Boosters say it will generate $800 million over 20 years.
The money is intended to attract cutting edge medical researchers her to a research institution in connection with several Jackson County hospitals.
A couple of other Kansas City political players have recently announced their opposition to the medical Research Sales Tax.
Over the weekend, the Kansas City Star, citing the regressive nature of the sales tax, which is not based on one’s ability to pay, came out against the plan.
Last week, Kansas City’s Citizens Association also announced its objection.
Monday, however, Jackson County Legislator James Tindall announced he supports the medical research tax plan.

Citizens Association Votes Not to Endorse Medical Research Tax
October 9, 2013

Kansas Cit’s influential Citizens Association political group is not endorsing the Jackson. Linty medical research tax on the Nover Bee 5 ballot.
In a statement late Wednesday afternoon, the Citizens Association announced the plan to use the
Sales tax to fund the project over the next 20 years is the wrong way to pay for what called a “well intentioned” plan.
The Citizens Association says the half-cent sales tax would raise the tax rate top much and would hurt families of modest means.