Missouri Hopes to Woo ” That Imprisoned Island”
February 13, 2015

Missouri’s bid to get in on the ground floor of the new relationship with Cuba is beginning now.
Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill leaves this weekend for a check of the trade prospects with Cuba.
The United States is moving towards restoring diplomatic relations. The 53-year old trade embargo, however, remains in effect; at least for now.
McCaskill’s office says she hopes to meet not just with Cuba’s leaders of agriculture but others as well, including Cuba’s diplomats.
McCaskill met with leaders of the state’s leading agriculture organizations in preparations for the trip.
Her office also says she met with Jose Ramon, Chief of Mission Cuban Interests Section.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s office says he will be the first US Governor to visit Cuba early next month.
Nixon will be part of a trip to Cuba March 1-4 ewith with the US Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (USACC).
Nixon met with state agriculture leaders Friday at a Stoddard County rice warehouse in preparation for the trip.
Nixon says US was the leading exporter of rice to Cuba before the 1962 trade embargo.
The US resumed rice sales with Cuba in 200, shipping more than 635,000 cubic metric tons between 2002-06.
That tonnage increased in 2008 when more trade restrictions were relaxed.

Regional SOTU Reactions
January 21, 2015

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill:
“The President outlined some commonsense ideas and opportunities for bipartisan cooperation, tonight, including tax cuts aimed at bolstering our middle class. We’ve made a great deal of progress for working families in the past few years—with a growing number of folks back to work at millions of more jobs, a much smaller deficit, and plunging energy costs—but there’s still more work to do. And I’m eager to roll up my sleeves with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to keep strengthening our middle class.”

Kansas Representative a Lynn Jenkins:
“President Obama used this evening to appease his political base and focused on dividing our Nation and using bureaucratic control to run our country with top-down Washington-centered solutions. I believe the key to growing a healthy economy begins by strengthening the paycheck of hard working Americans, putting more money into Kansans pockets, and growing our economy from the bottom-up. ”

Missouri Representative Sam Graves:
“The American people spoke loud and clear this past November in opposition to President Obama’s failed policies of the last six years,” said Rep. Graves. “The American people sent us here to forge a new direction in finding solutions to the problems facing our nation,” he continued. “Tonight, the President has once again shown that he plans to ignore the will of the people in order to push his big government agenda.”

Missouri Representative Vicky Hartzler:
“t is disappointing that President Obama has rejected an opportunity to reach out to and cooperate with Congress, preferring instead to outline an ill-conceived vision that continues to expand the reach, size, and scope of the federal government. The simple fact is that our country cannot tax and spend itself into prosperity. Government must get out of the way and allow the American people to pursue their dreams.”

Jackson. County Democratic Chairman Tom Wyrsch:
“We thank the President for his leadership in rebuilding our economy over the past six years. Our economy is now working better for the middle class than it ever was during the previous Republican administration. Our economy is growing again and industry is picking up, much due to the leadership of our President, the policies of the Democratic Party, and the continuing hard work and vigor of the American people.”

Chris Koster’s Statement on McCaskill Decision
January 12, 2015

Via Missouri Times:
“Claire McCaskill is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party in Missouri, and her commitment to progress for our state is unsurpassed. Creating a better future for Missouri is at the center of everything she does. Senator McCaskill is a friend and advisor to me, and it is a friendship I hope continues for many years to come. Claire’s voice for centrist principles will move the U.S. Senate and our country forward.”
Chris Koster

McCaskill Passes By 2016 Run for Governor
January 12, 2015

Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has turned down what may be he last shot at what once was her dream job, Governor of Missouri.
McCaskill announced Monday on Steve Kraske’s ‘Up to Date’ talk show on KCUR radio.
“If felt wrong to turn away away from
My seat in the Senate,” McCaskill said.
McCaskill also used the interview endorse Democratic Attorney Chris Koster’s run for governor.
McCaskill’s a noun cement avoids an lengthy and expensive Democratic primary.
McCaskill made it clear, however, she is not staying out of Missouri politics.
She says she will be very active in pushing for ethics reform and campaign contribution limits.
Missouri has no limits on donations now.

Blunt, McCaskill & Hartzler Get New Committee Assignments
December 15, 2014

Missouri Republican senator Roy Blunt has been reappointed to the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to a statement from his office.
Blunt served on the same committee in 2011 and 201. He was also a member of the Permanent Select Committee on intelligence when he served in the House.
““I look forward to building on my experience working on these issues in the House and Senate. I also plan to stay fully engaged in the discussion surrounding the relocation of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and working to ensure that facility stays in Missouri,” Blunt said in a Statement.
Blunt has also served on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.
With two major military bases in Missouri, the Army’s Ft. Leonard Wood and the Whiteman Air Force Base, military spending is important to the US economy.
Both Blunt and Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill have served on the Armed Services Committee together.
McCaskill today announced she would be the new ranking Democrat on the Senate’s Aging Committee. Democrats will be in the Senate minority for the next two years after the party losses in November.
Western Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler was appointed to lead the House Armed Services Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.
That panel will study and investigate problems of waste and abuse in the nation’s military.
” “I look forward to working with Chairman Thornberry as we work to make sure that our armed forces remain the best in the world,” Hartzler stated in a news release.