Loar Says KCI process is ” Worst Ever”
January 26, 2016

City Council member Teresa Loar Tuesday blasted the city’s process over what to do with the KCI airport as” the worst ever”.

Loar, a critic of the plan to spend a billion dollars to rebuild KCI, charged the city is getting ahead of itself.

“We’re seeing schematics for new terminals and renovations. We were seeing numbers that we didn’t have back up for,” she told KMBC TV.

Loar also says she does not believe Aviation Department claims that upgrading KCI will not result in an increase in plane ticket prices.

Deputy Aviation Director Dave Long says the local charges assessed on a plane ticket are due to supply and demand, not local airport expenses.

Aviation Departments officials did conceded that many of the financial projections and even the artwork of what a modernized airport may look, like are only concepts.

“So it won’t necessarily look exactly like that, is that correct?” asked Airport Committee Chair Jolie Justus.
“That is correct,” replied Long.

The city’s goal is to have a KCI recommendation by the end of April, but that deadline can be extended