KC Nuke Protesters Reload
September 19, 2011

The bid to restrict  the manufacture of nuclear weapons components is back.

The Kansas City peace plants says they’ll renew their effort at a city-wide vote.

Earlier this year, an effort to block city support for the Dept. of Energy Kansas City plant that makes non-nuclear components of weapons systems.

The group  dropped its plan for a city-wide vote. Earlier this summer it collected enough valid signatures from voters to call for the vote. The City Council, cited a  legal opinion that was the vote on city support for the plant was illegal. The opinion said the  matter was an issue of natoal defense; not a local matter.

In a news release, the KC Peace planters group says it will now start collecting signatures for two separate petitions.One  would prohibit  City financial support for  the plant. The second calls on the City to have a plan in place in case the DOE ends work at the plant.

KC Peace Activists Sue City Hall Over Honeywell Vote
August 26, 2011

A local group who wants a public vote on expanding the Honeywell plant in Kansas City is suing City hall.

The group says it’s asking a Jackson County’s district  court for a writ of mandamus–a court order– to hold a vote on whether or not the plant should expand.

Rachel McNair of the peace Planters group says a city hall’s refusal to permit that vote is “being sabotaged”.

The group submitted more than 3,572 valid signatures earlier this summer.

But City Attorney Galen Beaufort advised the City Council not to put the issue on the November 2011 ballot. Beaufort’s legal opinion claims the expansion of the plant is not a local issue.

Since the Honeywell plant has national defense contracts from the Department of  Energy, what the plant does is a national security issue, not a local one. The plant makes non-nuclear components of weapons systems.

Timing is a key issue in the court filing.

The deadline for placing an issue on the November ballot is August 30.  That leaves three business days from Friday August 26 to get a decision from the Court.

Council Committee Rejects Petition to Block Honeywell Expansion.
August 17, 2011

A city council rejected a petition drive today to block expansion of the Honeywell plant at 4500 Botts Road.
Petition organizers submitted more than the 3,572 valid signatures. But City Attorney Galen Beaufort ruled the petition was unconstitutional. Irt wqill be up to the entire City Council to decide whether or not to put the issue on the ballot.Beaufort says the effort to block the plant’s work violated several pieces of law.
The plant works closely with the Department of Energy. It makes non nuclear components of weapons systems.
Beaufort’s opinions says the effort to block the expansion conflicts with the federal responsibility to provide for the nation’s defense He also says or violates Missouri laws about land use.
Opponents say City Hall is denying the right of the people to have a voice in government. The issue may be headed for court.