Mayoral Interuptor Gets ‘No Guilty’ Plea Entered for Him
April 4, 2013



The man who interrupted Kansas City Mayor Sly James’ State of the City speech last month wanted a continuance of the charges against him from that event.
Instead, a judge entered a ‘not guilty’ plea for Derron Black.
Black is facing two misdemeanor counts for rushing the stage on March 19th while Mayor james was delivering his State of the City Speech. He didn’t harm James but the incident made national news briefly.
Black came to court Wednesday for his arraignment. He told KMBC News he wanted a continuance. But the judge handling the case entered the not guilty plea for him in a hearing that last less than a minute.
Black also asked for a Public Defender to help him defend himself.
Black says his life has changed a bit since the march 19th incident.
He used the publicity to announce what appears to be a long-shot campaign for Kansas City Mayor in 2015.
“It’s made going about my daily routine a bit difficult,” Black said.
“You get more phone calls than usual,” he added, “you have to take a bit more time when you converse wigth people that usual.”

Derron Black Sets 2nd News Confrence
March 21, 2013

Mayoral protester Derron Black had called another news conference according to advisorD Alam.
Earlier today, Black, who rushed Mayor Sly James’s stage as he delivered his ”State of the City’ speech. Black said this morning he was not ” prepared” to make a campaign announce. That news baffled some of close associates.

Derron Black Backs Off Mayor’s Race for Now
March 21, 2013

Mayoral protester Derron Black did not announce his intention to run for mayor, as some associates suggested earlier this week.
He told radio station KMBZ Wednesday he intended to run.
His ‘non-announcement’ even caught close supporters off guard.
Black held a brief news conference near the Gem Theater where he rushed the stage Tuesday when Mayor Sly James was delivering his ‘State of the City’ speech.
Black said he is still thinking about it. But clearly he was not ready to launch a political campaign.
Black conceded his approach Tuesday may not have been best way to make his points.
He also apologized to one member of the Mayor’s security detail for getting involved in the scuffle. The news conference was an unsettled affair.
First, it was postponed by an hour.
Then the owners of the Lincoln Building in the 18th & Vine Distruct told Black they did not want him to have the news conference inside the building.
An attorney for the owners, The Black Economic Union, Henry Service, said they did not want to be associated with Black. They feared it could damage their image. Black said he found their decision “curious”.
The news conference ended abruptly with some pushing and shoving with reporters. An advisor, MD Alam, says he is convinced Black will run for mayor. “I don’t know what happened in the last 30 minutes,” he said. Alam also says Black may have been unsettled by the crush of media. Alam says Black may “need some polishing” as a candidate.
Black finished last in a three-way Missouri House Democratic primary last summer. Sent from my iPhon

Lincoln Bldg Owners Tell Derron Black he Can’t Hold News Conference in Their Building
March 21, 2013

Derron Black (left) Listens to Attorney Henry Service explain why campaign news conference can’t be in building.

An attorney for the Black Economic Union says the group does not want to be associated with Mayoral protester Derron Black. Henry Service said Black could not have his event in their building. Developing.

No Restriction to Stage where Protester Rushed Mayor James
March 20, 2013

There was no restriction from the seating area to the G Theater stage when Mayor Sly James spoke Tuesday. This is is from a few minutes before the event

There was no restriction on access from the Gem Theater audience seating area stage to the stage Tuesday when protester Derron Black rushed the stage and interrupted Mayor Sly James’ ‘State of the City’ speech.

Kansas City Police Chief Daryl Forte acknowledged that in an interview with KMBC Wednesday.

“That’s a good point,” Forte said after being asked if that could have blocked the protester in any way..

“It could, I don’t know,” he added, “If you got a guy that angry, I don’t know. It may give you a little more time to react. It’s a good question.”

At many political events, especially ones involving the President and for presidential candidates, access from the audience to the stage is eliminated.

Forte says at the time Black rushed the stage, some officers also assigned to the event were “distracted”, according to the Chief.

Officers were looking for another person inside the building they thought may have also posed a problem for them. He did not elaborate.

Forte says, in some cases, at some events, the department may add more officers to the Mayoral detail. The Police Department determines security, not the Mayor’s office.

“I’m not a security guy,” said Mayor James Wednesday agreeing with the practice, “they’re the experts”.

At a Wednesday event in the 18th & Vine District, the same area as the Tuesday incident, Mayor James spoke from a riser a couple of feet off the floor. The only access to the riser was a single set of steps at the back.

The same security detail that escorted Mayor James Tuesday was back on duty Wednesday.

Meanwhile, protester Derron Black was released from police custody.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says he faces two misdemeanor charges, assaulting a police officer and disrupting government operations; in this case the Mayor’s official speech.

Black also postponed a news conference where he was expected to announce he is running for Mayor. It is rescheduled for Thursday.

In an interview on KMBZ radio, Black called his rush to the stage a spur-of-the-moment “outburst”.

“We’re talking about systematic oppression that is continuing in our community. So I’m trying to figure out a way of addressing these things,” he said of his plan to challenge Mayor James during the radio interview.

He also used the interview to apologize for “embarrassing my city”.