KC VA Says Waiting List Report ” Erroneous “
June 6, 2014

The Kansas City Veterans Medical Center says reports of a ‘secret wait list”, as the VA describes it, is ‘erroneous”.
Thursday Missouri Senator Roy Blunt said he had confirmed a waiting list of 90 days or more for 37 VA Kansas City patients.
Friday, in a statement, the Kansas City facility said some return appointments for vets were delayed ‘due to a serious clerical mistake.” The VA says all the patients involved had received treatment at the Medical Center in the past.
“This is no way reflects a list of Veterans being denied care due to a lack of capacity,” according to the statement.
Officials of the KC VA Medical Center talked about the situation Thursday in meetings with Kansas Senator Pat Roberts and Kansas City congressman, Emanuel Cleaver.
“We have all of those statistics. So I appreciate the candor we had in the meeting. And we’re going to continue to meet with them. And they know, everything they do now is going to be, frankly, in a glass house,” said Cleaver in an interview with KMBC TV.
Also Friday, Kansas Senator Jerry Moran asked for an investigation into the Midwest Region of the VA that covers Kansas City and Kansas. Moran is a Member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.
Moran sent a letter to VA administrators Friday. He is puzzled because the numbers stating how many veterans are on long waiting lists he received from the Dole Medical Center in Wichita and the VA Heartland Network (VISN 15)are different.
For example, Moran point to two letters he received on two days in late May.
The first one was from the VISN 15 Network Director William Patterson. It said on May 28 there were 108 Veterans waiting more 90 days for service.
The next day the Dole Center in Wichita wrote Moran a letter stating there were 96 Veterans on the list.
Moran wants to know why the numbers don’t match up.

Local Members of Congress and the Senate Split on Partisan Lines Over SOTU
January 29, 2014

Here are some of the reactions to the President’s State of the Union Speech from members of the Kansas and Missouri Congressional delegations.

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran is leading the GOP effort to win control of the Senate.
“The President and Senate Democrats have done next to nothing to promote pro-growth policies that would truly help individuals reach their full potential.
Senate Democrats have prevented action on measures that could provide an immediate boost to the economy at little or no cost to the American taxpayer. Americans deserve better from their elected officials in Washington. Growing our economy, getting people back to work, and making certain all Americans have the ability to climb the ladder of success are all reasons why we seek a Republican majority in the Senate.”

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts is seeking re-election this year.
““We heard more of the same from the President: more taxes, more spending, more bypassing the Congress to enact his agenda, and more big government.
“After five years of these policies what do we have? We have Americans who have given up even looking for a job, businesses regulated to death and families burdened by Obamacare.
“And now the President wants to double down and continue to push this agenda through executive order and regulation.
“The only difference that I see now is that he is finally being upfront about it.
“I will continue to fight these orders and regulations and thinly disguised attempts to redistribute hard working Kansans’ income.”

Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill:
“We’ve made a lot of progress these past few years, creating millions of jobs and pulling our economy out of the ditch—but there are an awful lot of commonsense ideas still sitting on the table that could build on that success, if elected leaders stop kowtowing to the political extremes and start working toward compromise to get things done. Raising the minimum wage for working families, building innovative private-public partnerships to invest in our roads and bridges, making the tax code fairer, and fixing our broken immigration system aren’t partisan initiatives. They’re commonsense goals that we should all be ready to rally behind to strengthen America’s middle class families.”

Ks-2 Representative Lynn Jenkins is part of the House GOP Leadership. She was on the official escort committee that brought the President into the House Chamber.
“I know that consensus building is hard, but just because it is difficult does not mean the President is entitled to work around us instead of with us to lower health care costs, improve education, and help Americans take home more of their paychecks.
“In order to rebuild our American dream, Washington must rise above the dysfunction, put divisive rhetoric aside, and come together to do the right thing for our country. President Obama can spend the final years of his presidency with a “pen and a phone” or he can work with our duly-elected House Republican majority to create opportunity for all families, to foster upward mobility, and to deliver higher take-home pay to the American people.”

Missouri Congressman Sam Graves is the Chairman of the House Small Business Committee.
“The president spoke about income inequality tonight, but failed to mention his own role in making that gap wider. Five years into his presidency, the labor force participation rate is at its lowest point since the late 1970s. There are four million Americans who have been unemployed for at least six months, and another eight million Americans who are working part-time because they still cannot find a full-time job. Two of every five Americans say they are worse off financially than they were a year ago, according to a recent Gallup poll. The president’s policies have not helped. Yet year after year he proposes more big-government solutions that have never worked and will never work.”

Kansas City Democrat Emanuel Cleaver:
“This country was founded on the notion that if you work hard and play by the rules, you should have the opportunity to succeed,” Cleaver said. “It’s past time to make that happen. It is absurd for Members of Congress to dig into political positions and refuse to work in a bipartisan manner. It’s time to stop digging — and start building.”

Ks-3 Congressman Kevin Yoder represents Johnson and Wyandotte counties:
“Many of the President’s ideas require bigger government requiring more spending, higher taxes, and more burdensome mandates and regulations.
A growing government means shrinking opportunities.”

West Missouri Representative Vicky Hartzler:
“The President stated early in his speech that he believes the American people are united by the belief in opportunity for all – regardless of race or religion or party, young or old, rich or poor – and the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you get ahead. But if he really believes this, why doesn’t he get government out of the way to allow American individualism and ingenuity to flourish.”
Missouri Senator Roy Blint delivered the Republican weekend speech last Saturday. He says Senate Democrats are a big part of the problem.
He has a news conference with Missouri reporters on Wednesday.

Knee Surgery Tuesday for Cleaver
January 7, 2014

Kansas Cory Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is undergoing knee surgery Tuesday, January 7, according to a statement from his office.
“The procedure is an effort to remedy an old knee injury that has continued to cause him problems over the years,”.
Depending on the time and the place Cleaver could could be seen limping or walking gingerly because of the knee problem.
Cleaver had the surgery in Washington, according to the statement, so he can continue to work in Congress.

Cleaver Says He’s Writing a Song for Rand Paul
January 7, 2014

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver says he has a song he’s working on for Sen. Rand Paul and others who oppose extending unemployment benefits to sing.

“In 1966, your former boss, Rev, wrote a song called, ‘Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud,’” Cleaver told host the Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation” on Monday night. “I’m writing on a song now that I hope Sen. Paul and others will sing. It’s called, ‘Say it loud, I’m stingy and I’m stuck,’ because I think that that’s exactly what is going on here.”

The Missouri Democrat was responding to comments from Paul that extended unemployment benefits act as a “disincentive” for unemployed people to look for work. He said that was untrue of his constituents that are receiving unemployment insurance.

“It is frustrating for many of them to receive aid, because they are people who have been working on jobs. And many of them are struggling,” Cleaver said. “Most of those people are embarrassed and are wanting to do something.”

Cleaver said the Kentucky Republican senator should know that.

“Sen. Paul knows better than that. He’s from Kentucky, a very poor state.”

The Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday morning on a proposal to extend for three months unemployment benefits, which expired in late December. Ahead of the vote, the margin appeared to be very close. If it passes the Senate, the bill also faces an uphill climb in the House.

Cleaver said he hopes the bill will get a vote in the House and that Republicans join with Democrats to pass the extension.
UPDATE: The Senate passed an extension of unemployment benefits 60-37 Tuesday morning. Final Senate passage may come later this week.
Th measure still faces a skeptical House GOP majority.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/01/emanuel-cleaver-song-rand-paul-101826.html#ixzz2pjJhSMCi

City Hall Press Shop Chief Leaves Over College Transcript Trouble
November 14, 2013

resigned because of a problem with his college transcript.
A statement from City Hall says Rotert stepped down after he learned he didn’t have the required college credits for his job. A statement from City Manager Troy Schulte says Rotert is eight credit hours short.
Before taking the City Hall Communications post, Rotert was the News Secretary to Mayor Sly James.
“Danny’s communication work for my office was outstanding,” James said in a statement after the announcement.
Before coming to work for the City, Rotert served in a similar job for Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.
He was was regarded by many in the local news business as being very good at his job.
The City says assistant City Manager Pat Klein will take over Rotert’s role on a temporary basis.