Citizens Association Walk Away From Street Car Plan
July 11, 2014

The drive to expand the starter street car line in Kansas City took a hit Friday. The Citizens Association, which is generally considered a progressive group, did not endorse the street car expansion plan on the August 5 ballot.
The group announced Friday it “reserves judgment “ because its board does not think it has sufficient information to make a decision about a complicated issue.
The resolution says proponents of the street car expansion showed up at the Citizen Association consideration of the question earlier this week. The problem seems to be the street car boosters lack of participating at the meeting.
The “Board of Directors would have benefitted from a presentation by the proponents”, according to the Citizens Association resolution.
The $500 million dollar plan would be funded partly an increase in the sales tax in much of Kansas City, south of the Missouri River.
The resolution noted there “is strong support’ for improving public transit in the city”.
The Citizens Association, however, voted to endorse two other questions on the August 5 ballot.
The Association announced its support for the three-quarter of a cent increase in the state sales tax for transportation needs in the state.
The plan includes money for a number of Kansas City, Missouri and regional projects.
Some of them include more than $120 million to improve the I-435/I-70 interchange as well as improving I-435’s lanes between I-70 and I-49 in the southwest side of the city.
Another project would raise more than $70 million to build a new Broadway bridge in downtown Kansas City.
A third project includes $144 million for the street car expansion project the Citizens associated did not endorse.
The group also supports the renewal of the quarter cent tax for the Kansas City Fire Department.