Lawsuit Challenging Kansas Gin Laws Defeated in Court
June 5, 2015

A federal judge has tossed out a legal challenge from a national gun control group of a Kansas law that asserts the federal government lacks authority to regulate firearms made, sold and kept only in the state.

U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ruled Friday that the Washington-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence failed to show that the state law’s enforcement inflicts an actual or imminent injury on any of its members. Robinson said the federal court therefore lacks jurisdiction to consider the merits of the lawsuit.

She granted the state’s motion to entirely dismiss the case without prejudice, meaning it could be refiled.

The 2013 state law at issue makes it a felony for any U.S. government employee to attempt to enforce federal regulations for Kansas-only firearms or ammunition.

Missouri Senate Approves Federal Gun Nullification Bill Again
February 21, 2014

Post Dispatch:
JEFFERSON CITY • The Missouri Senate on Thursday passed a bill on federal gun law nullification.

The federal gun law nullification bill, sponsored by Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, passed on a vote of 23 to 10.

The bill would declare all federal gun laws null and void, and law enforcement agents enforcing those bills would be subject to up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

An amendment added to the bill last week, which would require individuals to report a gun theft within 72 hours, sparked criticism from the National Rifle Association.

Prior to that, the NRA had remained silent on the issue.

On Monday, Senate members stripped the amendment from the bill.

A similar gun measure passed the Legislature last year and was vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon

Mo. Senate Poised to Pass Federal Gun Law Nullification Again
February 20, 2014

(AP) – Missouri senators are expected to pass legislation that would send federal agents to jail for enforcing some federal gun laws.

The measure on the Senate’s Thursday calendar provides for any federal law considered by the state to infringe on gun rights to be declared null and void in Missouri. Federal agents enforcing those laws could face up to a year in prison and a $1,000.

Courts have consistently ruled that states cannot nullify federal laws. But supporters argue the measure is necessary to protect law-abiding gun owners from intrusive federal regulations. Opponents say it wouldn’t survive a court challenge.

Earlier this week, the Senate stripped a provision requiring gun thefts to be reported within 72 hours.

Senate approval of the bill would send it to the House.

Mayors Against Guns Poll: 85% of Missouri Voters Want Broader Gun Background Checks
March 5, 2013

A survey says 85% of Missourians favor increasing background checks before any individual can buy a gun.
The report is in a poll sponsored by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization.
The poll for the group was conducted by the Schoen LLC firm. It says it sampled 600 Missouri voters on February 18-21. It claims a margin of error of 4%.

“That 85 percent of Missouri residents want every gun buyer to pass a criminal background check speaks volumes about the changing public mood on guns,” said pollster Doug Schoen, said in a news release.
14 states already require background checks for all gun sales.
Among the poll’s findings:
• In 2010, the rate of women murdered by an intimate partner with a gun was 38 percent lower than in other states – and 43 percent lower than in Missouri – while the number murdered by other means was nearly identical.
• The firearm suicide rate was 49 percent lower than other states – and 50 percent lower than in Missouri – even though people committed suicide in other ways at almost precisely the same rate.
• Gun trafficking is 48 percent lower than in states that fail to require background checks for all handgun sales.

Man Marches at KC Federal Courthouse With AK-47 to Protest Obama Gun Plans
January 18, 2013

Stan Nyhart with his AK-47 in front of KC Federal Courthouse.

A man with an unloaded AK-47 rifle marched back and forth in front of the Kansas City federal courthouse for about 30 minutes Friday morning.
Stan Nyhart, who says he lives most of the time on 28 acres in Hickory County, Missouri, says he wants people to know he thinks, “Obama is a traitor”, for trying to ban military-style assault rifles, like his.
He was watched closely by police during his protest march at the foot of the courthouse steps.
The police say Nyhart informed them in advance of his protest. Police say his weapon was checked. It was not loaded and his protest was legal. He drew several stares from people who walked by him.
Nyhart detests President Obama’s plans for banning weapons like his AK-47 and the 30 round clipped attached to it. “He is an absolute criminal, in my opinion.” Nyhart said.
He added that goes for others who support the President’s proposals to Congress.
“Liberal, progressive, Democrats,” he declared, ” don’t try to take my rights away.